The List of Fun Things to Do In Kodaikanal Is Endless

Kodaikanal is a quaint and cosy hill station located in Dingigui district in the state of Tamil Nadu. Perched at an altitude of about 7000 above sea level this place overlooks lush forests and cascading waterfalls. This is the place for home chocolates and eucalyptus trees.

Kodaikanal is an all-year tourist destination for every category of tourists. The natural beauty and the climate draw tourists not only from India but from all over the globe. Here you will find loads of things to do in Kodaikanal. It also boasts of a spectacular waterfall and hilltops with wild and rare flora and fauna.

The summers are enjoyable and the winters are chill – especially at night. During the rains, you can see the soft clouds coming down to the valley and engulfing the whole area and creating a superb ambience.  Kodaikanal is blessed with the excellent climate round the year, so anytime is the best time to visit Kodaikanal.

Plenty of Things to do in Kodaikanal

Kodaikanal Tourism offers a lot of adventure activities and is considered as the Mecca for trekking. The hills and the winding paths make it ideal for long bicycle rides and at the same time take in the pure mountain air and watch the exhilarating sights as you go along. Some of the fun things you can do includes

Take a Boat Ride on the Kodaikanal Lake

The lake is man-made and is shaped like a star. It is calm and well maintained. At this lake, you can capture beautiful memories with your family or friends with your camera for posterity. You can take rides in the winter and monsoon when the lakes are covered with mist and fog. The experience of riding in these conditions is simply surreal.

Explore the haunting Guna Cave

Guna Caves are group caves located between three massive boulders. The caves are made of deep, dark rock- a that look like pillars. These caves are also known as Devils Kitchen and have an eerie atmosphere. The bats flitting around the caves add to the “horror movie”  experience. Visitors to these caves must e cautious since the caves are very steep and dangerous. The place is located near Moir Point which is on the outskirts of Kodaikanal

Recharge Yourself With Yoga

Give your life a recharge at the Karuna farm in Prakasapuran village Kodaikanal

This place has yoga sessions that will cleanse and help you meditate with the help of Yoga experts. This is an ecological farm that offers yoga, mediation and meditative art class. You need to book in advance.

Visit Kurinji Andavar Temple

This temple is famous for the unique “Kurunji Mo” flower which blooms once every twelve years. The next bloom will take place in 2030. Devotees of Lord Muruga come to pay their respect to this god and also enjoy the sights and sounds in the valley. This is the best Places to visit in Kodaikanal Tourists can also buy local handicrafts and other souvenirs from the shops adjoining the temple. This temple is located on Temple Road

Getting There

The best way to reach Kodaikanal is to take a flight to Coimbatore International airport and then take a private cab to Kodaikanal which takes about 4 hours. If you are coming from Chennai then the best way is to take a bus to Kodaikanal,  the journey takes approx. 10 hours. Kodaikanal tourism also runs bus services.

Come To One Of The Most Beautiful Places in South India

Kodaikanal is considered as the ‘queen of the Hill stations”. It is a well-deserved title as the place is stunningly beautiful and tourists can enjoy a pleasant climate throughout the year. That is why anytime is the best time to visit Kodaikanal.

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