Bedsheets: The key to a good night’s sleep

A good night’s rest is of paramount importance. One can hardly rest if they are plagued with scratchy sheets or uncomfortable bedding. So it is important to buy bedsheets that ensure quality and comfort. Usually, people assume that buying bed sheets require no preparation. That is true if you know what to buy and where to buy it from. Your choices are not simply whether to buy a single bedsheet or a double bedsheet, but also the type of weave, thread count, durability, softness, etc.

What should we look at while buying sheets

While considering the type or quality of the material, bedsheet brands should guarantee durability, strength, and softness as fundamental features of their products.

Long-lasting sheets

If you are buying bedsheets online, you should take into consideration whether the brand you are buying is worth it. Sheets should be long lasting. It is pointless to buy new sheets that wear and tear easily. In order. Woven sheets are believed to last the longest. When it comes to durability, thread count plays an important role. Sheets with higher thread count consist of finer yarns. The more yarns in an aquarium inch of cloth, the more durable is the cloth.

The softness of the sheets

The softness of your sheets depends almost entirely on the type of material it is made up of. Cotton is considered to make up the softest sheets. It could be any variant or blend of cotton that provides soft sheets.  Linens sheets soften over time as well. Bamboo sheets similarly, soften over time, and are considered to be environment friendly. Flannel sheets are famous for their use in winter boasts softness and warmth.

Thread count

What is thread count? When buying sheets, covers, or cases, the term thread count pops up a lot. Thread count refers to the total number of threads that are interwoven together in a square inch of fabric. Usually, customers buying bedsheets for the first time get taken in by the hype of thread counts. They believe that the higher the thread count the better the fabric.

However, the quantity of thread does not determine the quality of the cloth. Most people search for higher thread counts like 1500. However, the thread count of 200 to 250 is the optimal amount for a perfectly soft and smooth bedsheet. A higher thread count is a result of false marketing. In reality, you aren’t getting more threads in your sheet but a cheaper quality multi-thread is used.

Thus, marketing portrays certain sheets to have a higher number of threads. In actuality, the sheet has the same number of threads (200) but since they use a cheaper quality fabric (ply) they count the multi-ply as thrice the normal amount. Therefore, while thread count plays an important role, the deciding factor is the type of material the cloth is made up of.

Materials usually used

As stated previously, the type of weave or material used is the defining factor used to determine the best kind of bedsheets. Egyptian cotton is universally considered to be the best. Other cotton blends such as Supima cotton, Pima cotton, Upland cotton, micro cotton, cotton jersey, percale cotton, combed  cotton, blended cotton, flannel, etc.

Polyester sheets, usually include microfiber, nylon, acrylic, etc. The other types of weaves are tencel, bamboo, linens, satin, silk, sateen ,etc.

Buying bedsheets online has gotten easier with guides on what to look for. If you’re buying sheets for your bed, never assume that it will fit your mattress. Rather measure the size of your mattress and compare it with the size of single bedsheets and double bedsheets to ensure you access the right size.

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