Creating Magic In Your Bedroom Decor With Dohar

Dohars are one of the very popular means of decorating your bedroom because these come in a large variety of colours and designs like single dohar, kids dohar, and dohar blanket.. But when you go out to choose a proper Dohar online for decoration you will find that it is not that easy. On the contrary, it is quite tough choosing the right type of blankets online which blends well with your bedroom’s decor as the market is flooded with a huge variety of options available so much so that it puzzles our mind as to which design will go in sync with our home’s decor. But the question that one may ask here is what is Dohar?

Dohar derives its origin from a word in Hindi ‘dohrana’ which means to repeat and ‘dohar’ likewise implies layers. In other words, dohars are Indian traditional blankets used in summers. These are generally made up of three layers or sheets of muslin or ‘mulmul’ which is a very fine, airy cotton blanket which is quite ultra-breathable. Cotton muslin was once upon a time exclusive to only royalty. But with time, it became available to one and sundry whoever is willing to spend a little more from his pocket. The reason why dohar online is becoming popular day by day is that natural cotton used in dohar keeps one warm in winter and likewise cool in summer. These come in earthy prints and subtle tones which are bound to blend very conveniently with your current decor.

If you have still not understood the concept of dohar then to put it in easy language a Dohar is a  three-layered quilt that is meant to generate warmth to use in winter and keep them cool in summers. Dohar consists of a top and a bottom cover with a layer of cotton or woollen filling inside. If the layer is woollen, it can be used only in the cold season; but if it is cotton it can be used in summers as well.

The top and bottom covers are made of patches of beautiful pieces of cloth arranged in such a way to create a captivating design. The best part about a dohar is its style of presentation. The bottom and top layers are made up of different patches of cloth stitched together which give out a very beautiful effect in combination. If you live in a place with extreme climatic conditions. Dohar is the best option to keep you warm and cozy.

Dohars are very easy to fall in love with owing to their softness both in feel and look. But people are often confused as to how to maintain dohars. The answer here is that dohars are easy to launder as they are washable in machines making them perfect to play with by tossing them on your bed, sofa, or your comfort chair. But you would love draping it across your bed.

Dohars are available in various designs and sizes so much so that the huge range of Dohars can sync with almost any of your bedroom’s existing décor. As Dohars are quite light-weight they ease away your tiredness quite easily and make you feel refreshed the next morning. So they are the best option to go in for a sound and refreshing sleep.

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