Top Ways To Save Trees And Become A Nature Guardian

If you’re concerned about the planet Earth and are looking for ways to protect the environment, you can consider various environmental volunteer opportunities near you.

Ecological volunteering is an excellent way to repair some of the damage that people have caused to the planet over the years. With hard work and consistency in efforts, there is a high probability of turning things around and ensure that the planet thrives again.

In this post, we will discuss some of the things you can do to help save trees and become nature guardian

1. Take part in tree planting 

Tree planting volunteer placement is a great initiative that involves various responsibilities, based on the program you choose and the area or region’s needs. You can take part in multiple responsibilities as part of this initiative including reforestation and planting trees, working in a tree nursery, working with wildlife rescue teams, educating communities in the region allocated on sustainable farming practices and more.

2. Support various forest conservation organisations

There are several ecological volunteering opportunities available with NGOs around the world such as the Center for Biological Diversity, TREE Foundation, the Nature Conservancy and the Sierra Club that you can take part in. These organisations provide important organisational and monetary support for several forest-related conservation efforts. You can find a reputable organisation to volunteer with and maximise your efforts towards saving the planet.

3. Buy forest-friendly products

One of the ways to help save trees is by taking part in activities that do not support deforestation. Right from buying forest-friendly products to avoid buying soy, beef or uncertified products that come from the tropics, make sure to be aware of the choices you make. 

You can look for certifications from organisations such as the Forest Stewardship Council, Rainforest Alliance, and the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil when you shop to make the right and environmentally friendly choices. Most of the natural food stores and food co-ops carry these products. Apart from this, buy products that are grown under the forest canopy (such as shade-grown coffee) instead of ones that are grown on cleared lands.

4. Enjoy forests in a responsible way

A big part of learning how to save trees is going out into nature and enjoying trees and forests for yourself. If you are truly looking for environmental volunteering opportunities near you, there is no place better than forests as they fill you with new enthusiasm and vigour for protecting the planet.

However, to be able to enjoy the beauty of our forests and trees, be responsible and follow all code of ethics without hurting the planet.

5. Recycle and reuse

The concept of recycling is well-known to everyone. It plays an important role in bridging the gap between our existing lifestyle and the lifestyle we should aim for with the save trees motto. Recycling paper is an essential thing that you need to prioritise to save trees.

While changing our lifestyle entirely is not easy, recycling wood and paper products is a great place to start. Another thing that you can do is to share or reuse products such as books and written notes, opting for recycled sheets, recycled toilet papers and cloth towels. The approach not only helps us save trees and build a green planet but also allows us to take a step further towards sustainable development.

To Wrap

The world is full of lush green and breathtaking forests populating huge swaths of our planet. However, these forests are getting destroyed at an alarming rate. The need today is for a sensitive approach toward our surroundings and thinking about ways to save the planet earth from any further damage.

Here we have shared some of the ways you can help save trees and among these the most crucial step in the fight for saving trees is educating yourself. Once you know how to do it, you can spread the word and show others how to save trees too.

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