An Ultimate Guide before Having a Blepharoplasty Treatment

Blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) repairs your drooping eyelids. The process removes the excess skin, muscle, and fat from under your eyes.

When you grow old, your eyes begin to stretch. This makes the muscles that support your eyes weaker. It leads to a situation where excess fat in your body accumulates above and under your eyelids. The change leads to the following scenarios:

  • Your eyebrows begin to sag
  • Your upper eyelid becomes droopy.
  • Bags of skin begin to appear under your eyes.

This not only makes you appear old but also affects your peripheral vision. A blepharoplasty (an eye lift) helps you resolve this issue. The process improves your vision and assists in your efforts to make your eyes look younger.

Are you someone residing in Dubai? If yes, your job is much easier. Having an eye lift in Dubai is a breeze. State-of-the-art hospitals reputed cosmetic surgeons, and well-maintained clinics abound in the region.

Following is an ultimate guide in the field so that you can take an informed decision in this respect.

Preparing for an eye lift in Dubai

Do the following to prepare yourself for eyelid surgery or eye lift:

  • Assess your medications

Certain dietary supplements and medications you may be having will adversely affect part or whole of your eye lift in Dubai. It is necessary to provide a detailed account of your medical history to your plastic surgeon. The professional will review them. You will receive instructions on the medicines you can consume and the ones you should discontinue. You will also be required to stop using over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medicines.

  • Say goodbye to smoking, at least for a while

Cigarette smoke interferes with the flow of blood in the body. For your eye lift in Dubai to have the desired result, there should be a sufficient supply of blood to the part, both during and after the procedure. Your surgeon will require you to refrain from smoking for a month before going under the knife. Furthermore, smoking is the first thing you should stop if you wish to appear ageless.

  • Build up your support network

Having one person to drive you to and from the place of surgery is one aspect of the care you need. You will need someone to be with you, at least for a few days, during the recovery process of your eye lift in Dubai. There should be someone to care for your children, prepare meals and other things. Phone your friends or your siblings. They are sure to be happy to be with you in your time of struggle.

  • Set up your space of rest

This is the first to do when planning to have an eye lift in Dubai. Your mattress should be arranged in such a way that your head always remains elevated. Clean the space and get rid of clutter. You need to have a safe space with nothing to trip on during

The process. The surgery is sure to affect your vision for a while. And you have to be prepared to handle such a situation. An arrangement to prepare quick meals and a small freezer are must-haves in your space.

  • Have a plan to unwind

During the recovery period of your eye lift in Dubai, you need to plan how to while away your time. You will need to stay away from your gadgets for a while. The bright light from them may adversely affect your damaged eye.

The longer you let your eyes rest, the better they will recover from your eye lift surgery.

Prepare a timetable so that you can stay entertained without straining your eyes. Acquiring audiobooks, get some podcasts, or buy some music albums you love.

Side effects

As you know, all surgeries carry certain side effects. An eyelift in Dubai, too, is one such process.

During your first appointment, the surgeon will discuss the possible complications of an eye lift in Dubai. They may vary based on the patient’s physical condition and the type of surgery the person requires. Prepare a list of questions meant to alleviate all your concerns. And present them before your surgeon. This will help understand the seriousness of the risk you are undertaking.

Given below are certain risks you may come across:

  • The likelihood of visible scars
  • Eye irritation and infection
  • Bleeding
  • Discoloration of the skin
  • Likelihood of injury to the muscles
  • The risk of a second surgery
  • Reduced vision; it goes on its own after a few days
  • The possibility of common side effects like clotting of blood
  • An unnatural look; this happens when the surgeon accidentally removes too much fat from your eyes.

There may be certain surgeries that you underwent or pre-existing conditions that may affect your decision to have an eye lift in Dubai. Be honest in your interaction with your doctor. Hiding things will cause more harm than good. You may also need to have a total body check-up to evaluate your physical condition.

Recovery and what to expect

Eyelift in Dubai has a short recovery time. The swelling and bruising over the eyes and your face begin to disappear within two days. Using a cool compressor is enough to help you get through the phase. Low-intensity physical activities like walking assist in your efforts to recover fast from your eye lift in Dubai. Your surgeon places in-bandages over the site of the incision. You can get them removed within one week.

Certain surgeons use self-absorbing stitches so that you don’t have to worry about removing them.

Most of the time, patients can get back to normal life after an eye lift in Dubai within eight to ten days after the surgery.

If your eye lift is to improve your vision, your insurance policy may cover it. But you have to submit the proof from a certified plastic surgeon.

Go for an eye lift in Dubai. Your eyes need to be at their best all the time for you to perform at your best.

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