8 Types of ceiling lamps to adorn your home

A room can’t be made glitzy and glamorous without impressive, elegant lighting. For instance, if you are planning to put a magnificent light fixture in a space that is to be used for a dramatic suspended ceiling or even using material as exquisite as Plaster of Pop Design, it is imperative that you fully use lighting fixtures possible.

So, if you are looking for amazing ceiling lamps, here are 20 ideas:

  1. Pendant Ceiling Lights

Gorgeous lighting for homes has been around for centuries. Pendant lights give your bedroom a dramatic touch. These hanging lights range in length and shape, from short ones near the ceiling to long canopies that enclose the bed. The pendants can also be used as false ceiling light fixtures.

2. Concealed POP Lighting

Concealed lighting is always considered when discussing POP light design ideas. POP structures are often illuminated in this way, and it is a charming option that complements any shape or design.

3. Flush mount lights

A flush mount light hangs close to the ceiling and attracts little attention while illuminating a large space. Hanging lights can be a good option for homes with low ceilings and those with children or pets who enjoy playing with hanging lights. The lighting can also be used in any room regardless of traffic and height.

4. Semi-flush mount fixtures

Approximately 4-8 inches from the ceiling, these lights are a combination of a chandelier and flush-mount fixture. These types of lighting fixtures are perfect if you don’t have the necessary height for a hanging light but want something unique that stands out. Choose these for the foyer or common areas for a statement appearance.

5. Pendant lights

Pendant lights hang low over the ceiling as single sources of light in your room, much like exquisite hanging light. This type of light produces a focused source of light you can dim or make as bright as you want. Lights can be designed minimally or oversized, and their size, shape, and material can be customized.

6. Statement Suspended Lamp

Statement ceiling lamps are a great option when searching for a design solution to transform a room into a luxurious space. Simply pick out a POP rose plate to decorate the ceiling and hang designer lighting from the centre of the rose plate.

7. Decorative Lamps

The common way to decorate an interior is to display ceiling lamps. Whether they are matching table lamps or majestic floor lamps, lamps are a common feature in any home. These lights ideally enhance appeal across a room’s decor, as they drown a comfy reading corner in sparkling light.

8. Inverted pendant lights

Inverted pendant lights are commonly known as “up-lights,” which are perfect for illuminating a room from above. The only difference between the semi-flush light and the slanted light is that the slanted light hangs down from the ceiling lamps instead of being mounted directly on them.

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