How You Can Contribute To Green Living

Looking after the environment we live in is our responsibility. It is paramount that we understand how important it is for us to be more responsible in the way we act and ensure that our behaviour doesn’t cause any harm to our surroundings.

Here is where environmental volunteering comes into play. It is a really thoughtful practice that has been gaining momentum lately. It is a fundamental way to contribute to green living. Let us have a look at some of the small steps that you can get started with to do your bit in embracing a greener and more sustainable lifestyle:

1. Start with the basics of planting more trees

Simply planting more trees in your backyard or growing organic vegetables that you can use is a good way to start with a more sustainable lifestyle. Planting trees comes with many advantages, such as getting rid of carbon emissions, reducing excessive soil erosion and the most common one, it provides food and shelter alternatives to wildlife. 

2. Save forests from getting cut down

With rapid urbanisation, the cutting down of forests and greenery is becoming more and more prominent. There are a lot of environmental camps or organisations that help you put an end to such destruction and save as much of your environment as you can. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, global territories have about 31% of forest cover, and only half of it is intact as of now. Even if forests are being cut down, you can try to choose alternative sustainable lifestyles from your end, which does not require the destruction of the greenery around.

3. Actively take part in clean-ups

Rather than tossing around trash, we can be a little responsible towards our surroundings by keeping our environment clean. It can be something as simple as picking up litter in your neighbourhood and dumping it in the dustbin rather than letting it lie around. Always segregate your dry and wet waste. You can also recycle dry waste to make it more useful. This way, not only do you initiate something as effective as a clean-up drive in your community, but you also let more sustainable living choices enter your daily lifestyle.

4. Embrace green living

Green living holds great meaning in the kind of alternative choices you make in setting up your home. Start by opting for energy-saving bulbs for lighting purposes. There are many insulation options and thermostat facilities available nowadays for efficient cooling and heating at home. The choices you make zero in on the importance of sustainable living in your life.

5. Say no to unnecessary use of plastics

Every year, truckloads of plastics are dumped into water bodies, which is highly hazardous for marine life. According to an article in National Geographic, about 8.3 billion metric tons of waste has been produced, and 6.3 billion metric tons has only been plastic. 

We can switch to green living by opting for reusable bags when shopping. It is quite simple, all you have to do is say no to products being produced using plastics, and it can be one of the many steps you take towards sustainable living.

Wrapping up

Just by making a few changes in our everyday lives, we can make use of the environmental volunteering opportunities presented to us and adopt a green lifestyle. You can make your contribution as a responsible citizen and do your bit to ensure no additional harm is done to the environment.

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