Shopping for men’s clothing need not be a worry when there is an option of buy now pay later

Men’s clothing has often been a source of contention between the two sides – maintaining a steady bank balance, and looking fashionable. The former is often the one to emerge victorious, owing to rising inflation rates and various other financial obligations. However, a new payment mechanism is taking the online shopping domain by storm, and presenting men with the opportunity to look sharp and well-dressed without affecting their bank account. Pay later apps are not only changing the way we think about payments, but they are also bringing men closer to their favorite clothing brands.

Make heads turn with exclusive shopping deals

If you have always wanted people to stop and stare, then revamping your closet is a great way to get started. Pay later apps are ensuring that your glow up does not prove to be a heavy burden on your bank account or credit score. Buy opting to make a purchase from buy now pay later stores, you can avail your favorite products from men’s clothing brands by paying a small down payment fee. The rest will be taken care of by the BNPL lender, and all you have to do is don those chic outfits you had your heart set on.

Taking men’s shopping to the next level

Buying men’s clothing online can often feel like a limiting affair, since the price tag often hinders shoppers from choosing what they really want. Under the buy now pay later mechanism, you can experience an elevated shopping experience, that makes you feel truly uninhibited. So, the next time you are shopping from the men’s section of online stores, be it for yourself or for a male relative, follow these steps to ensure that the receiver of these clothes is pleasantly surprised:

  • Download a pay later app, or head over to their website, after carefully considering the various features and facilities they provide.
  • Create your own profile and obtain a credit limit by providing them with the necessary personal and financial information.
  • Complete the OTP verification procedure in a few simple steps and set up your account.
  • Pick a repayment scheme on the basis of the EMI amount you will be required to pay as compared to your payment abilities.
  • Head over to the store that facilitates men’s clothing online, and make as many purchases as you want without affecting your bank balance.

Find payment options tailored to men’s shopping needs

One of the major advantages of making use of pay later apps to purchase men’s clothing online is the repayment flexibility. With schemes tailored to your financial status, you can conveniently repay the loan amount and still be able to afford seemingly expensive products. While pay later apps do not conduct a credit check, they do issue a credit limit on the basis of certain factors such as a pre-existing credit score (if you have it), income, etc. Once you make judicious use of this, you will be required to repay the amount, which can be done by taking these simple factors into account:

  • Repayment period – The total tenure provided to you in order to complete the payment process is known as the repayment period. You may either choose to pay the lump sum amount at a stipulated date, or opt for the recurring payment mechanism, wherein you can repay the whole amount through interest-free EMIs occurring weekly, biweekly, monthly, and more.
  • Payment method – Buy now pay later companies provide their users with various ways to repay the borrowed amount. This includes facilities to either link your credit and debit card, or even pay it through direct bank transactions.
  • Mode of repayment – In order to minimize the risk of default on payments, BNPL apps offer either the manual or the automated mode to their users. While the automated payment is the most convenient method, you can set ample reminders in case you wish to opt for the manual repayment mode.

Long gone are the days when men’s clothing occupied a fractional portion of the shopping experience. Today, with increasing awareness about men’s grooming and a surge of flexible payment options, the demand for men’s clothing has grown at an exponential rate. This has created a large prospective user base for buy now pay later companies, of which you can be a part and enjoy the best shopping experience. Coupled with recurring exclusive deals, a seamless digital interface and a hassle-free repayment procedure, the men’s shopping experience is all set to be redefined. As more such apps enter this competitive market and offer better facilities, all that is left for shoppers to do is make a long list of all those fashionable blazers, trousers, coats, and shirts that adorn the ecommerce website, and place an order for the ones they wish to wear, since pay later services are here to make them extremely affordable. 

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