Expert Suggests These 5 Tips to Buy Sofas in Dubai

The market for sofas is booming right now, with more and more people looking to buy their own piece of furniture. It’s a great time to be shopping for sofas in Dubai as there are so many options to choose from: From basic couches that come in a variety of different fabrics, to high-end designs with expensive construction materials, there’s something for everyone.

While buying a sofa may seem like a quick and easy task, with all the options available it becomes as overwhelming as buying any furniture in Dubai. In addition, as sofas in Dubai tend to cost relatively more than other furniture, it’s important to understand all factors to consider while buying it to get the best value.

To make things easy for you, we’ve compiled a list of top tips by experts to buy sofas in Dubai.

Understand all the types of sofas

There are countless types of sofas, basis the seating space and shape of the sofa. A few of the most common categories of sofas are:

  • Two-seater sofas: Works best for couples or to fill a small space
  • Three-seater sofa: Ideal for family with kids
  • Modular sofa: It can be rearranged to suit one’s individual space
  • Corner sofa: Also called L-shaped sofa are great for more seating in limited space

Consider the measurement and orientation

You’ve decided on the type of sofa and now it’s time to choose the right size. You may be tempted to go with the largest size available but it could be a bad idea as having some walking space around is important. Next, you need to decide on the orientation of the sofa. Sofas come in two main orientations, facing against the wall and not facing a wall. The orientation mostly depends on the use of your space.

So, plan in advance where you intend to put the sofa before buying.

Pick a comfortable and durable material

Sofas are a big expense when it comes to furniture in Dubai. So, comfort in every seating and durability in the long run – both are important when it comes to choosing the right material. You don’t want your new sofa to look old and worn after a few months, or have a good-looking sofa that’s just too comfortable to sit on.

The filing of the sofa can be foam, feather, or fiber. In fact, in most cases, the filling is a mix of two materials to provide different levels of support and comfort. At the same time, sofa fabric typically comes of cotton, linen, wool, polyester, velvet, and leather.


There you go with the basic expert tips about buying sofas in Dubai. If you are feeling inspired to go on a fresh sofas search, then we’d recommend you check out the sofa collection at The ONE. It’s an online store for furniture in Dubai with the best deal in the market!

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