Why It Is Not Just Celebrities Who Are Buying Mineral Water Online

Mineral water has become a huge rage in the last couple of years. Whether you are someone who loves to try new fitness fads or believes in conventional wisdom when it comes to good health, chances are you have heard of mineral water and its benefits from several people around you. In fact, you would have heard and seen several celebrities even mentioning their favourite mineral water brands in press interviews or carrying it with them at airports, interviews, and so on. Right from Bollywood stars to OTT actors and TV personalities to comedians, pretty much everyone is seen consuming mineral water.

If you are wondering if celebrities are doing so simply to endorse a brand, the truth is this isn’t entirely true. While some of them might be paid to endorse specific mineral water brands, most celebrities prefer to buy and drink mineral water on a regular basis instead of consuming tap water purified at home. This is owing to a host of reasons, including the fact that mineral water can be purchased online, quite easily, irrespective of where they are travelling for shoots and promotions.

In the last few years, the trend has extended to non-celebrities too. Today, a growing number of urban Indians understand the health benefits of consuming it on a regular basis and the advantages of buying mineral water online. If you are wondering the key reasons behind this shift, read on.

Buying mineral water online = authentic brand experience

Buying mineral water online from official brands websites such as Bisleri ensures you are paying for authentic product at your doorstep. This is important given that clean, healthy, and pure drinking water is not easily available when one opts for tap water in India.

Additionally, when you opt to purchase mineral water from local stores or ecommerce marketplaces, you can never be too sure if you are receiving an authentic product. There are multiple middlemen involved in the entire supply chain in such a case and there is a possibility that your purchase may have been tampered, and then sealed back.

Buying mineral water online = convenient shopping experience

Another major reason why people are choosing to buy mineral water is because of the convenience it offers.  You can choose to order your stock from anyplace, anytime. You don’t have to wait for the neighbourhood store to open up and make a trip under the hot sun to pick up your order.

Additionally, you can get doorstep delivery when you opt to buy mineral water online; you don’t have to lug heavy water bottles and cans all the way home by yourself.

Lastly, you get the maximum choice of inventory in terms of size variants when you opt to order mineral water online. This isn’t always the case when you to buy mineral water offline, since the local store owner may only stock sizes that are best-sellers for those who frequent the store.

Buying mineral water online = lifestyle convenience

One of the most common reasons why Indians are increasingly buying mineral water online is because of the lifestyle benefits it offers; you don’t have to go through the hassle of pouring out drinking water in multiple utensils, jugs, and bottles from home and outside use.

Instead, you can simply opt for mineral water in bottles and cans of different sizes for the kitchen, gym, school, office, travel, and so on and so forth. You simply need to pick the right one and get going, which saves time and ensures you never miss out on your hydration needs due to lack of time.


While celebrities may have been the first ones to switch to buying mineral water online on a regular basis, urban Indians are fast adopting this shift. This is due to a host of reasons, and an increasing awareness about the role mineral water can play in ensuring good health.

Further, as lifestyles get busier, the ease and convenience provided by mineral water purchased online with regards to hydration needs is an unparalleled one. It is transforming how families and individuals across homes in India store and consume drinking water.

Lastly, buying mineral water online from the brand’s official website is the preferred norm rather than shopping for marketplaces or third-party platforms. This is because authenticity and purity are the key concerns and these are resolved when one purchases from the official website. Accordingly, brands such as Bisleri are offering doorstep delivery across multiple cities in India and constantly expanding their services to newer markets.

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